Industrial Racks

Excel Racks are the best manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Racks in Coimbatore offers on providing storage facilities and solutions for varied industries by analyzing their storage requirements, facilities and their constraints, thus based on these criteria we provide the best industrial racking solutions for assembly operations, industrial warehouses, large retail outlets, manufacturing facilities etc. We make individualised solutions as per our client’s requirements that is the design, dimensions and length, width and height of the racks are determined based on the type of products/goods stored. Our offered Industrial storage solutions are constructed in such a way that can be easily adjusted, expanded and assures to keep the warehouse mess-free and assembling and disassembling of the rack is quick and easy to install which saves money and less-labour interventions thus leads to a time-saving process. Our Industrial Racks have the ability to handle heavy-load products with ease and it is the best effective storage solution for goods. All our products are manufactured under vigilant supervision and assure our racks are in conformance with the industrial norms and standards.


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Heavy Material Storage Racks

Excel Racks are the best manufacturers and suppliers of Heavy Material Storage Racks. Our Heavy Duty Racks are designed to be used in varied industries, as it creates extra space for storing goods and product management work is done at ease. We manufacture in a sophisticated infrastructure, our expertise test stringently to ensure consistent quality standard of all our Heavy-duty material storage racks, furthermore, our racks are constructed to increase product safety and minimize any damage that incurs. Excel Racks Heavy - duty storage racks for better use of limited space to manage the inventories properly, thus leading to space efficiency.

Our Heavy material storage racks are used for hassle-free movements between the aisles, thus all the products are organized in the rack to avoid any damages and ensure more durability by customizing the heavy material storage racks as per our client's available spaces. Excel Racks assures these racks enable the managers to speed up their work at ease and ensures highly efficient performance.

Rice Bags Storage Racks

Rice Bags Storage Racks is a complete system that can store multiple rice bags, racks and is equipped with aisles. The vertical space and storage volume of a premise is well utilized in this system by storing and picking of rice bags that are stored in bulk. Rice Bags storage racks are very popular in warehouses, manufacturing, and assembly units. All our Rice Bag racks are easy to install, quick assembly, cost-effective, optimal space utilization, available at economical cost, etc. Excel racks are the best manufacturer and supplier of Rice Bag Storage Racks in Coimbatore, it is well supported by shelving or pallet racking to store bulk products in the warehouses.

We at Excel Racks manufactures tailor-made racking solutions by analyzing and designing based on the requirements of our clients and assure timely delivery of our Rice bag storage racks in pristine conditions.

Store & Tool Room Racks

Excel Racks are the best manufacturers and Suppliers of Store and Tool Room Racks in Coimbatore. Our tool racks ensure notable features such as high durability, tensile strength, and corrosive resistance. The toolboxes are available in varied sizes, dimensions as per our client's requirements. All our Store and tool room racks are known for their affordability and timely delivery, Electro powder coating for better paint life. We are the eminent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Store and Tool Room racks and the racks reach our clients in pristine conditions as their solid construction ensures lasting performance for years and ensures effective utilization of available space.

We carefully design our products that deliver a racking solution to our clients. We are offering these products at a nominal price and make tailor-made solutions that perfectly match our clients' requirements.

Cylinder Storage Racks

Excel Racks are the best manufacturers of Cylinder Storage Racks in Coimbatore that are specialized for hospitals, laboratories or gas storage rooms. With our heavy-duty gas cylinder racks, the cylinders are stored and secured from environmental damage. Our Gas Cylinder Storage Racks are tube steeled racks to hold the gas cylinders, safely We offer excellent quality range of Gas Cylinders for our clients. We at Excel Racks offer Cylinder Storage Racks which are perfectly manufactured with the use of superior grade raw material and are highly demanded by our patrons due to its durability and anti-corrosive nature. Our manufacturing facility, manned by highly skilled expertise, dedicated to ensuring efficiency and highly durable products.

We excel in developing customised solutions to fit our clients' needs. All our products are strictly manufactured as per our industry norms and we leverage technology at every stage and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Drum Storage Racks

Excel Racks are the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of Drum Storage Racks known for its versatility and its assembly shelves and spill trays can be combined to suit the needs of the individual application of our clients. Excel’s Drum racks are ideal for storing oils, paints, inks, detergents, acids, other aggressive chemicals, and many more. Our Drum storage racks ensure safe dispensing and are manufactured with robust top-grade steel construction and are used in all applications where hazardous substances in drums. Excel’s Drum Storage Racks prevent spills by using drum racking containment. We understand the requirements of our clients and deliver the solutions within the stipulated time in pristine conditions. Our Drum Storage Rack has high-demand for its flexibility, rust-resistance strength, and cost-effective nature. The raw materials used by us helps to withstand challenging environments.

Excel Racks are the best manufacturers and suppliers of Drum Storage Racks in Coimbatore, Our products are tested for quality by quality control experts, who strive to retain high ethical and industry standards.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are one of the best effective storing solutions. Excel Racks are the best manufacturers and suppliers of the Cantilever Racks in Coimbatore. Our Cantilever racks are used for its versatility and space saving usage.Cantilever racks manufactured by Excel Racks are known for its supreme quality racks that promotes labor efficiency, avoids injury while offering accuracy in stock taking enabling a better stock management system. It is also useful to store items such as appliances, rolls, piping, building materials, flooring materials and furniture. Our Cantilever racks are easy to install and reconfigure any type of heavy duty loads. Cantilever Storage Rack can be used to store products of different shapes and sizes conveniently at a reasonable cost. We manufacture in a sophisticated infrastructure with the newest technologies.

We at Excel Racks manufacture Cantilever Racks under the vigilant supervision of experts and assures all our racks are adhered to our industry norms and standards. Our Cantilever racks saves plenty of horizontal space which is an ideal choice for small sized storage units.

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